Just Uploaded A New Pee Play Video With A New Guy

I just uploaded a brand new video I did on Thursday with a new guy I met on-line. He had a fantasy about pissing all over a women and then cumming on her face, and I invited him over to fulfill that fantasy….with a catch! I get to film it. He agreed.

This is the picture of the “aftermath” with me on my knees completely soaked with piss and with CUM all over my face. He really had to go, and in the video you see that he pisses, nonstop, for a minute and fifty-seven seconds! He was able to piss right in my mouth, and then soak my dress, and then piss on my pussy as I played with myself, and then back into my mouth again! It was a record for me! ;)



I Just Turned 51 Years Old

My 51st Birthday was yesterday, September 16th, 2014. I will be having some fun this coming weekend with a bunch of different people, but I decided to just take a bunch of pictures on my birthday, just to show everyone what I look like at 51 years old ;)

So here you go. Just a selection of quick pictures we shoot, raw and real. If you ever want to fuck me, well, what you see is what you get! ;)