Watersports Wednesday! Pee Play Fun with a Member

I do realize that Pee Play is not for everyone, and some are really turned off by the idea, but it is something I do enjoy and have for the past 25+ years. I have also had the pleasure of introducing hundreds of people to the fun, both men and women, and always get a kick out of being someone’s first. That is what Happened here! This is one of my website members who talked to me about trying it out as he was curious. I invited him over and we set up. Like most guys with their first time, they get excited and it is hard for them to Pee, so I found if I just kneel in front of them, back a couple of feet, and not touch them at first, they can relax enough to go. :)

Mouth Pee

I have more pictures and the full video up of this in my Members Area :)



Sucking A Cock I Just Peed On!

One of my website members wanted to try Pee Play so he contacted me. He came over earlier this week to enjoy some Watersports, and I got it all on video! First he pissed on me, then after I sucked and fucked him for a bit, I pissed all over his cock. I immediately went down and licked and sucked every drop of my Pee off of him!

Pee Slurp

The video and pictures are live in the members area of my website right now :)