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My Relaxing Weekend

NOTE: This is actually from July 22nd of last year! I JUST saw it in my drafts folder (I didn’t even know I had a draft folder!). I must have written it, and then left the page before I properly posted it. I am Blonde remember πŸ˜‰

After my Gang-Bang on Friday night, I just wanted to take it easy and do very little. It was a great weekend, nice and warm and perfect for suntanning. I haven’t had a chance to get much sun, and I am just too white, so I just laid about naked in my back yard on Saturday and Sunday. The pictures below are from both days…on my stomach was from Saturday, on my back was on Sunday.

I did have some fun on Saturday evening when one of my local BoyToys from up in town dropped by for some fun. He’s a really cute 23 year old with an amazing cock that knows how to make me orgasm, a lot! When he came over, I left my husband to watch TV and took him to my bed for a solid hour of fun. he came three times, and I lost count on how many times I did!