Throwback Thursday – My 19th Birthday

Here is another Polaroid scan from a few of the pictures we took on my 19th birthday, way back on September 16, 1982. This was the night of my very first Gang-Bang where my husband invited over four guys he was going to school with. We pulled out the old Polaroid camera and took a few pictures to tease the boys and get them going for the fun ahead.

I used to think that crimped hair and heavy eye make-up were so sexy! WOW! Was I ever wrong! ;)



Wet Wednesday – Hot Tub Blow-Job

This was at Hedonism in Jamaica. We had been drinking, just a bit (yeah, right) and ended up in the Nude Hot Tub late at night. This really hot guy was just sitting there and my girlfriend dared me to go over and just suck his cock without saying a word…and I was just tipsy enough to do it! I ended up sucking 7 guys that night, and swallowed 4 of them.

hedo074 hedo076


Muff Munch Monday – Enjoying Hot Asian Pussy

This was taken at a huge Gang-Bang I was the center of. There was me and 20+ guys and this really cute young Asian girl came along with her boyfriend to watch. Towards the end of the evening, she started getting into it and allowed herself to get used by some of the guys. I couldn’t help but go down on her as she was sucking another guy’s cock :)