Throwback Thursday – Getting My Ass Kicked!

This is from back in 1997 when a super hot Lesbian Dominatrix had me as her sexual slave and did what she wanted with me. I was not allowed to lick her pussy or even drink her Piss (sorry if that grosses some of you out, but it’s what I am into)Β  until she had her way with me, abusing me with all sorts of implements.

This picture shows how red she got my ass using Floggers and Paddles. It stings, but I got my reward at the end πŸ™‚

red ass


19 Year Old In My Ass

One of my young fans contacted me about trying anal sex for the very first time. he was a really cute 19 year old boy, so I invited him over. He got his wish, and even his other fantasy of giving a woman a Facial! I made sure to get a taste of his young CUM…after all, that’s what keeps me young! πŸ˜‰